March 28, 2018


I am one of seven artists involved an artistic exchange between two twinned towns Scalby, Scarborough, North Yorkshire and Pornic, France.

Territoire-S starts at the gallery at Woodend, Scarborough in June and then travels to the Chapelle de l’hopital, Pornic and la Maison du Chapitre in the town centre of Sainte-Marie-sur-Mer in September.

Participating British artists include myself, David Chalmers and Janine Baldwin. French artists include Bivan, Cathy Lodziak, Fabienne Alliou-Lucas, Nadya Tara.

The project emerged from a relationship that began nearly 30 years ago with the twinning associations of Pornic (AJP) and Scalby and Newby (SANTA). All the artists have made work related to each others towns. I visited last year to find my inspiration.

When I first arrived in Pornic, I became captivated by the town’s landscape and architecture. I was drawn towards its heritage, especially the magnificent villas surrounded by fragrant pines and the quiet chapels amongst medieval streets.

I began to explore artifacts that embrace a passing of time, such as antique lace and old ornate ironwork. The environment was different, yet strangely familiar. The softer organic forms of a lone pine standing proud on a high rock reminded me of home.

I exposed a length of silk whilst I was there and captured the forms of an historic gate with the help of David, Brigitte and Fabienne. This piece can be seen in the exhibition.

Exhibition dates:

The gallery at Woodend, Scarborough 16th June – 28th July 2018

Chapelle de l’hopital, la Maison du Chapitre Pornic 15th September – 14th October 2018