April 25, 2016

Title: Interpretations of Julia Margaret Cameron

I am one of seven artists who have been selected for their use of themes and processes in their practices which harmonise with Julia Margaret Cameron’s methods but aim to produce a totally different experience aesthetically.

The Kiss of Peace, Triptych, 2016. Cyanotype on paper, each 76cm x 56cm

Title: The Kiss of Peace, Triptych, 2016. Cyanotype on paper, each 76cm x 56cm

‘Title’ is an exhibition which takes its inspiration from the titles of a series of images by Julia Margaret Cameron that are held in the Tennyson archive in Lincoln. Artists in the exhibition include Fiona Parkinson, Melly Em Clark, Michelle Forrest-Beckett, Ross Oliver, Louise Thomas, Laura Heath and myself. The exhibition is curated by Emily Musgrave.

My given title was ‘Kiss of Peace’. I was not able to see the original version by Julia Margaret Cameron, as the exhibition highlights a contemporary response to the archaic language used by Cameron and her peers.

In my piece I chose to use specific flowers and plants, in particular long dried grasses, fern, wild flowers and two single white lilies. Elements of barbed wire were added also. Through an imagined landscape my aim was to capture the forms and rhythms of nature that often converge in a chaotic manner. The white lilies unite, reflecting back to the Victorian language of a holy kiss.



Opening Dates: 14 May – 12 June
Opening Times: 10.00am- 4.00pm daily
Venue: Courtyard Gallery, The Collection, Lincoln
Price: Free Entry

For more information, visit the official ‘Title’ website here